Sunday Questions And Answers From Facebook and Twitter

Question #1:

With the end of the school year, how about some secrets from kids. 4.boygirl 3.house_edited-1   6.pix 9.clouds 10.plane

Question #2:

Is there a PostSecret archive with some old secrets and stories?

Yes, we created one for the fifth book; “PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death and God”:

Questions #3 and #4:

I have students that I always remember with a smile, do you have a postcard like that?

Do people ever send you weird objects?




Question #5:

Part of the intrigue is that you don’t have a publicly posted e-mail address. Will you share your secret?


Question #6 (for you the reader, you can respond in the comments):

What are the secrets we keep from ourselves?



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